Design Expert, Best Selling Author, National TV Personality 

Kathy Peterson Productions inc Event Producer

​​capturing the beauty & event with my eyes


Hi I'm a designer and stylist and with each styled moment I create is a piece of art that tells an elaborate story. With my vivid, imaginative designs  I strive to creatively portray each subject, every detail and any location in the most memorable, beautiful ways.  Let's make your event  beautiful, dynamic and unforgettable.

My background includes designing for TV, Magazines, Media Tours, Conventions, Books and more


Making it beautiful with vintage

Styled  workshops

From The Soul 6/10/18

Boho Dreaming 5/15/17  Warehouse Vogue 2/3/17

Boho Charm 11/15/16

 for Photographers




​​Styled Events 

Beauty isn't in the eye of the beholder. It's something I have a gift for creating.

Custom  Backdrops

As a designer I create original backdrops, props and more!  

Let me  make your event uniquely about you with a custom design.

spy some eyecandy